Join us at Achill Island Seaweed Baths on the Wild Atlantic Way, where you can reconnect with nature and relax in our seaweed baths.

Seaweed Baths are renowned for their healing, moisturising and detoxification qualities. Seaweed has been harvested back to ancient times along the Wild Atlanttic Way for this purpose.

Avail of award winning seaweed infused Green Angel facemasks and moisturisers during your ancient Celtic treatment.

Using Achill Island hand harvested seaweed we look forward to giving you an experience which is relaxing, revitalisng and helps you to reconnect with body, mind, soul & your own personal Gaia.


Our Seaweed baths are hot steamed using seaweed harvested daily on Achill Island. You can relax in a private bath house surrounded by the scenery of Achill Island. You can top up water to the temperature you require then immerse yourself in a relaxing bath for up to an hour.


Seaweed Baths are a renowned therapeutic treatment. The seaweed concentrates the Anti-oxidants, natural minerals, essential oils and vitamins found in our ocean. All this is then released into your hot seaweed bath. Steaming the seaweed aids the release of the compounds


Historically seaweed baths were used as a preventative treatment during the Autumn months. Nowadays we can avail of the natural goodness of our oceans year round using the Celtic Healing of the Ancients and the holistic treatment of the body, mind and spirit
A little hidden gem, a really lovely retreat where you can experience the healing properties of this amazing seaweed, not only does it relax you physically but it also relaxes the mind

Jackie M Ireland